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Year 4 content is suitable for children aged 8-9 and covers: reading, writing and spelling.




Reading tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • A range of poetry, non-fiction and fiction texts available for children to read
  • Exception words incorporated into text so children become familiar with them
  • Children can explore unfamiliar and challenging words
  • Children can explore root words and their affixes
  • Structures of various text types explained
  • Themes and conventions are identified in a range of texts
  • A range of different forms of poetry
  • Opportunity to draw inferences from texts i.e character feeling, thoughts and actions
  • An opportunity to make suitable predictions about texts
  • Explanation of how to use a dictionary and apply that knowledge
  • Summarising main events in a text
  • Retrieving vital information
  • Identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning

Writing tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • Plan and draft ideas
  • Adapt writing to suit audience, purpose and form
  • Understand how to organise writing into paragraphs or sections
  • Understand when to start a new paragraph
  • Use titles and subheadings
  • Use and begin punctuating dialogue
  • Describe characters
  • Describe setting and plot
  • Proof read writing for mistakes
  • Use a range of sentence types
  • Use statements, commands and questions with correct punctuation
  • Begin experimenting with sentences with more than one clause
  • Use a variety of connectives to join sentences
  • Use time connectives
  • Use fronted adverbials
  • Use expanded noun phrases
  • Use commas in a list or after fronted adverbials
  • Use speech marks and inverted commas
  • Identify correct determiners
  • Identify 1st and 3rd person
  • Identify past and present tense

Spelling tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • Spell words with prefixes
  • Spell words with suffixes
  • Spell common exception words
  • Spell some ‘ch’ words
  • Spell words from years 3 and 4 spelling list including some homophones
  • Use apostrophes to mark singular and plural possession and include irregular plurals


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