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Year 5 Course Access


Year 5 content is age-appropriate (ages 9-10) and covers: reading, writing and spelling.




Reading tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • A range of different text types
  • Use morphological knowledge of root words and affixes to determine the meaning of new words
  • Understand the pronunciation of words with the same letter string
  • Understand themes and conventions in a variety of genres
  • Read age appropriate poetry
  • Understand the purpose of language, structure and presentation of different text types
  • Understand the meaning of words in context and identify words with similar meaning
  • Understand some figurative language and explain the effect on the reader
  • Compare texts
  • Make inferences and find evidence in a text
  • Understand facts and opinions
  • Summarise information from more than one paragraph
  • Identify key information

Year 5 writing tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • Plan and develop ideas for writing
  • Write to suit purpose
  • Understand how to create suspense
  • Gain a growing understanding of writing features to suit audience
  • Create cohesion by linking ideas within paragraphs
  • Use a range of presentational devices
  • Use dialogue
  • Describe characters, setting and plot
  • Begin writing summaries
  • Write using a range of sentence types
  • Understand how to use relative pronouns
  • Understand how to use brackets, commas and dashes
  • Indicate degrees of possibility using adverbs
  • Write in past or present tense
  • Identify and select determiners
  • Identify formal and informal writing

Year 5 spelling tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • Spell words from the Y5 and Y6 spelling list
  • Revisit words from the Y3 and Y4 spelling list
  • Use hyphen to join a prefix to a root
  • Spell homophones from the Y5 and Y6 spelling list
  • Spell words with letters which are not sounded
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