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Year 6 content is suitable for children aged 10-11  and covers: reading, writing and spelling.




Reading tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • Read a range of texts
  • Determine the meaning of new words by applying morphological knowledge of root words and affixes
  • Identify and comment on features, themes and conventions and understand their use
  • Identify language, structural and presentational features in a text
  • Explore finer meaning of words
  • Understand the meaning of vocabulary in context
  • Use contextual evidence to make sense of a text
  • Identify the effect of language
  • Identify figurative language an explain and evaluate its effect
  • Make comparisons between texts
  • Make developed inferences
  • Distinguish between fact and opinion
  • Retrieve information from non-fiction texts
  • Identify key details which support main ideas
  • Summarise content drawn from more than one paragraph
  • Make suitable predictions

Year 6 writing tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • Adapt form and style to suit audience and purpose
  • Understand how paragraphing develops and expands ideas in depth
  • A range of devices to link ideas within and across paragraphs
  • Understand how presentational devices are used to guide the reader
  • Understand how dialogue can convey character and advance action
  • Describe characters, setting and atmosphere
  • Write a range of sentence types including relative clauses
  • Use a wide range of punctuation
  • Use modal verbs
  • Use past and present tense
  • Identify synonym and antonym
  • Understand vocabulary and grammar used in informal and formal writing
  • Use varied vocabulary.

Year 6 spelling tasks consist of and/or give children an opportunity to:

  • Use knowledge of morphology to spell words with the full range of prefixes and suffixes
  • Use the appropriate range of spelling rules and conventions to spell polysyllabic words which conform to regular patterns
  • Spell challenging homophones from the Y5 and Y6 spelling appendix
  • Revisit and spell words from the Y5 and Y6 statutory word list.
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